City Council Recommends Proceeding on Two Pilot Routes [Recap]

Pilot feasibility study map for Crescent

Beverly Hills City Council today recommended a limited set of improvements today for two candidate corridors under the city’s Bike Route Pilot Program. Per direction provided to staff, sharrows and signage on Crescent Drive and Burton Way will be installed once implementation particulars are brought back to Council for approval (at some unspecified date). While the recommended measures on two routes are less than cyclists really need, we must note that this is the first time a policy-making body in Beverly Hills actually gave the nod to bike facilities. This could be the beginning of a bike-friendly city network, or a distraction from the real planning we’ve yet to do. Time will tell! 

Westside Cities COG Board Meeting

Westside COG March, 2012

The Westside Cities Councils of Governments just convened its bi-monthly board meeting in Culver City. On the agenda of interest to cyclists was a bike sharing program and the COG’s ‘gap closure’ program (for which public comment just closed). Both were informational rather than action items. More broadly, the COG in this meeting embarked on an abbreviated visioning process to better define its role generally and to identify priority actions specifically. Here’s our recap.