Cities are Lowering Speed Limits!


City of Beverly Hills may be inclined to speed traffic through our city, but others are reducing speed limits to safeguard walkers and riders. Two years ago, City of Portland reduced the limit to 20mph on streets adjacent to greenways. City of New York’s Mayor De Blasio signed a new law to reduce the default limit to 25mph. Santa Monica too is looking to lower limits. When it comes to street safety, we’ll be alone in cheering-on speeders.

Bike Parking Opportunity: The Dayton Bike Corral

Silver Lake bike corral

Photo by LA Bike Blog

Bicycle parking is in short supply in Beverly Hills. Fewer than 30 bicycle racks have ever been installed on sidewalks citywide, and not one has hit a sidewalk in years. Yet demand is clearly there as people riding around town have to park somewhere. So we see bicycles chained to meter posts. Isn’t it time we took seriously the need to park bicycles, just as we afford a motorist someplace to park their car? Only a tiny fraction of our $5 million public parking operations bailout could fund many new racks and rack corrals like this one in Silver Lake at Sunset Junction. Continue reading