Petition to End Hits-and-Run


Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition has put their energy behind a petition campaign to end hits-and-run. Hits happen, of course; at-fault collision and even some accidents put riders down. But why do people run? “Because they’re likely to get away with it,” LACBC says. Until we get Sacramento to put real sanctions to the crime!

No Suspect in BH Attempted Murder

Road rage video #2 April 3rd.Six Weeks after a motorist attempted to kill a cyclist in a Beverly Hills alley, “the public leads have dried up,” BHPD Lt. Hoshimo told us today. Aside from a second video and even a third (all posted on the BHPD vimeo page)  there are no further developments. “It’s still under investigation,” he said. Seen the car? Know of a “male/Middle Eastern or White, mid 30’s with dark hair and dark eyes with a thin build” behind the wheel? Continue reading

One Month Later, Nothing from BHPD or T&P Commission on Attempted Murder on 4/3

Road rage video

Driver hunts cyclist down as seen in alley CCTV tape from April 3rd.u

Remember the attempted murder & hit-and-run on a cyclist in Beverly Hills back on April 3rd? You’d think a crime like that would garner significant media attention seeing as it was captured by CCTV video. That it would generate concern among commissioners on the Traffic and Parking Commission. That the body receiving a standing monthly police report on collisions and citations would bother to ask.  Today we tuned into the live commission broadcast to learn that commissioners wouldn’t be wrestling with this threat to public safety because they had other pressing business. Like the assault never happened. Continue reading

Victoria Chin’s Day in Court: Anticlimactic

Livingston's BikeOn June 12th 2011, Paul Livingston was riding his white Bianchi eastbound on Santa Monica Boulevard when he was struck from behind by motorist Victoria Chin right at Beverly Hills City Hall (Crescent Drive). She fled the scene. This serious collision not only totaled the bike – taco wheel, bent frame, cracked saddle – it sent Mr. Livingston to the hospital with a cracked pelvis and factured vertebra. Fortunately he’s not totaled and Paul and a handful of cyclists attended today’s preliminary hearing to – for the first time – hear the defendant face up to her crime. Continue reading