CicLAvia Comes to West Hollywood This Sunday

Join us for a ride up Santa Monica Boulevard through Beverly Hills where we will join the latest CicLAvia. Starting at San Vicente Boulevard on Sunday August 18th at 9AM and heading east into Hollywood, this promises to be one of the most pedestrian friendly routes yet.

CicLAvia map August 18, 2019Our neighbor West Hollywood has made great strides in ensuring its segment of Santa Monica Boulevard pedestrian friendly and a great place to stroll. So many bars, restaurants and other attractions make it a great place to walk — and to arrive by bicycle.

Just down the hill on San Vicente is the fantastic West Hollywood library (it puts our aging building to shame!) and the new West Hollywood public park. That city is really going great guns. And now CicLAvia will transform the original Route 66 where the car was king into a closed-street cycling paradise.

Further east into Hollywood there is plenty more to see (especially if like us you are a local loathe to venture up there) and it’s much more pleasurable to see it by bike.

Thanks Metro for making CicLAvia happen. Maybe one day Beverly Hills will get on board with our own closed-street extravaganza to celebrate our new classy Santa Monica Boulevard high-viz bicycle lanes.

Something You Won’t See in Beverly Hills


West Hollywood announced that its employees have raised $42k for AIDS Project Los Angeles. Can you imagine that happening in Beverly Hills? We don’t generally see our workers come together for a good cause, or even to support the city that employees them. Why? Few who work here live here. Fewer than 0.3% of local residents who applied for a city job were hired over the past three years. And policies like  ‘flex time,’ 4-day workweeks, and generous vacation time encourage employees to make their home elsewhere. (Have you ever seen a City Hall staffer in a coffee shop or restaurant off-hours? We haven’t.) City workers from Thousand Oaks and Santa Clarita aren’t likely to make the welfare of our city an extra-curricular concern. But it seems different in West Hollywood.

West Hollywood Punts on LaBrea Bicycle Lanes

Map of WeHo LaBrea streetscape areaCity of West Hollywood had an opportunity to include bicycle lanes as part of the city’s reconstruction of the section of LaBrea Avenue that it controls, but instead of locking-in a key facility for safer cycling, City Council opted for a median, saying that until City of LA completes its own bike facilities on LaBrea…. That’s not satisfactory. Those who use LaBrea by bicycle shouldn’t have to look ahead to a future battle with nearby shop owners over parking in order to retrofit a bicycle lane at some point. City Council had that opportunity today. A median or a bicycle lane: which benefits you when you ride to shops on and around LaBrea? Continue reading

How Open are Cities to Public Records Requests?

Public records actGovernment code section 6250-6270 (a.k.a. California Public Records Act) requires that public agencies (broadly construed to include cities, counties, school districts, and boards, commissions and agencies) make available to the general public and other agencies all records generated in the course of conducting public business. But how well do public agencies implement the public records law? Continue reading

WeHo Library Ribbon Cutting


City of West Hollywood, that precocious upstart that threatens to steal Santa Monica’s progressive thunder, is cutting the ribbon on their fantastic library (with adjacent San Vicente bike lanes) tomorrow, Saturday (6/2) at 10 am. The WeHo Bicycle Coalition will be on hand to celebrate – and so will we!

Bikeway to the Sea: A Promising Regional Route!

Bikeway to the Sea route map

Bikeway to the Sea route map

Kevin Burton of the West Hollywood Bicycle Task Force (and co-organizer of the West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition) has visions of a ‘Bikeway to the Sea.’ He sees Santa Monica Boulevard taking riders from Downtown to the ocean in safety without worrying about disappearing bike lanes and perilous passages under the 405. We need to join Kevin in reimagining the Santa Monica Boulevard corridor! Continue reading

West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition Up to Speed!

West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition logoWest Hollywood has sprouted the latest local cycling organization, the West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition. An outgrowth of the WeHo Bicycle Task Force, this regional affiliate of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, it was founded by community members who sat on the Task force to help generate the pro-bike recommendations [pdf] now before West Hollywood City Council.
Continue reading