When You Get That Ticket….

Mionske-coverCruisin’ for a bruisin’? If you think that on a bicycle you’re not as vulnerable as a motorist to a traffic ticket, think again. As we explain, the state vehicular code always applies and local ordinances matter too. Rolling that stop sign, weaving in-and-out of traffic, riding against the flow (all things we see every day) can land you in court with a big fine. Then what to do? Attorney Bob Mionske, in a three-part series called ‘Ticket Talk,’ offers some tips. It’s mandatory reading for cyclists and motorists – and often we’re both. Continue reading

Sunshine Week 2013 Wrap-Up

sunshine-week-logoWrapping up Sunshine Week, we are already looking ahead to 2014 with the hope that our municipalities will take a more proactive approach to making the people’s information public. Transparency is key: as pro-bike advocates, we know that data is crucial in making  an argument for more sensible transportation policy. Here in Beverly Hills, we’d like to know more about bike-involved collisions, and how traffic enforcement policy affects cyclists. We don’t have that data today. Sunshine Week is an opportunity to remind officials what needs fixing, and we have some ideas. And we be you do too. Continue reading