CicLAvia October, 2014 in Pictures

Ciclavia 2014-10-5 map

CicLAvia route for October 2014: Bringing it to the Eastside!

With the 10th CicLAvia in Los Angeles now behind us, we take a look at last Sunday’s festivities with a few snaps. After just a few years running, the city’s premier closed-street festival has not only become institutionalized – that is, carried over with enthusiasm from the Villaraigosa to the Garcetti administration – but is reaching out to new areas like East Los Angeles. Behold the joy of closed streets from Echo Park to the Eastside!

Ciclavia at Echo Park terminus

Embarking from the western terminus at the southern tip of Echo Park, the route followed Glendale Boulevard southeast. Once the the route of the city’s first subway line before ducking underground near Beverly, today Glendale took CicLAvia to 2nd street and through the tunnel westward. Notably, City of Los Angeles put the tunnel on a ‘road diet’: now it’s two traffic lanes with buffered bicycle lanes! The tunnel was a high point of festivities on Sunday: not only having it to ourselves, but enjoying that interminable echo too!

CicLavia October 2014 2nd street rotary

After exiting the 2nd street tunnel, Downtown welcomed CicLAvia with a rotary hub at Broadway, where the two routes converged into a chaotic swirl with a dance tent at the center. From this hub, spurs ventured north into Chinatown and south to Broadway and 9th street.

Ciclavia on Broadway spur 2

The south Broadway spur was a highlight for the historic department store architecture and legendary theater corridor – the foundation of a ‘bring back Broadway’ initiative by the city. A few years hence we’ll marvel that we collectively ever let Broadway decline so. But the corridor is still a hard sell to many Angelenos, who can see how far we’ve yet to go to realize the Broadway renaissance. CicLAVia allows us to contemplate this great wide way studded with icons like the Los Angeles and Palace theaters, and all without the headache-inducting buzz of everyday Broadway traffic.

CicLAvia at Chinatown's Gate

Through the Chinatown gate the northern Broadway spur reached, taking riders deep into the heart of the city’s second actual Chinatown. This neighborhood, once Anglo, received the displaced once construction began on Union Station southeast on Alamdeda. That was the locale of the original, long-gone Chinese-majority settlement.

Ciclavia on Chinatown spur

Today’s Chinatown (along the Broadway spine) is notable for its distinct vernacular. Here programmatic architecture provides a backdrop for CicLAvia’s northern hub. But change is coming fast to Chinatown, so get a good luck before it’s gone.

CicLAvia over the LA River Bridge

Crossing the 4th Street Bridge (1930) by any means necessary! There is no finer way to appreciate the transition from Downtown to the Eastside than traversing one of the dozen or so historic spans.

Ciclavia Mariach panorama

Once over the bridge, Ciclovians coursed through Boyle Heights streets. Unlike past years, today’s route approached iconic Mariachi Plaza from the south. And what a hub it was! Packed with folks who converged from all over the city to enjoy the many restaurants that line the plaza.

Ciclavia Mariachi Plaza booths

Vendor booths and information kiosks marked the Mariachi Plaza hub, with the adjacent Gazebo providing color and nearby Libros Schmibros providing the literary culture.

While Los Angeles Councilmember Gil Cedillo continues to catch hell for sinking #Fig4all in Highland Park, Jose Huizar reminds Ciclovians that he's behind multimodal mobility!

Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar reminds Ciclovians that he’s behind multimodal mobility while City Council colleague Gil Cedillo remains in the advocates’ doghouse for sinking #Fig4all in Highland Park. For shame, Cedillo!

Metro Moves You mascot at CicLAvia

‘Metro moves you’ indeed! Metro is a major sponsor of CicLAvia, and like every event makes this street party accessible without resorting to motor transportation. Three cheers for the Metro mascot! Hey guy, drop by a Beverly Hills City Council meeting for some of our lovin,’ won’t you?

CicLAvia on Caesar Chavez

Here we are, snaking our way down Caesar Chavez toward East Los Angeles. Hungry for a taco? You wouldn’t have been disappointed: there are dozens of options in this most colorful and tasty neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Once one of the city’s earliest suburbs, home to Jews and Protestant gentry alike, today it’s Latino dominate. The bonus? Unlike Westside CicLAvia routes, this eastern variant is more about good food than ever.

The Car of the futureThat wraps up another great CicLAvia from Aaron Paley and the good folks that bring you Southern California’s premier closed-street bike & ped festival. You’ve come for the liberated streets; you’ve stayed to see the great variety of city culture on display; and you finally you’ve pedaled away belly-filled with tacos. That’s a might-fine recipe for a successful CicLAvia, and once again the good folks at CicLAvia HQ delivered!

In exactly four short years (tomorrow marks the anniversary of the first event), CicLAvia has made its mark on the culture and calendar of the larger region. Consider supporting CicLAvia and/or volunteering for the next event on December 7th. Mark your calendar!

CicLaVia Returns Sunday, October 5th

Ciclavia 2014-10-5 map smallThe vaunted closed-street bike parade known as CicLAvia returns to Los Angeles city streets this Sunday with a ride from Echo Park though Downtown and into East Los Angeles. This exciting route not only offers a window onto our region’s complex urban fabric; it also bids Westside riders to explore areas to the east which we are less likely to seek out. We’ll be there on Sunday and may even catch a feeder ride to Echo Park. Join us! Continue reading

CicLAvia Returns!


This next iteration in the popular LA closed-streets mobility festival returns to Downtown Los Angeles on October 5th with a new route spur deep into the Eastside, for the first time reaching East Los Angeles. Mark your calendar to join the greatest bike fest on the west coast!

Sunday: CicLAVia Transforms Mid-City With ‘Iconic Wilshire’

Ciclavia Spring 2014We joined thousands of riders and walkers for this year’s first CicLAvia held April 6th. The mid-city route from Fairfax to Downtown liberated for a day Wilshire Boulevard, one of the more significant public spaces in the region. This slow-roll through an historic corridor (which we recapped back in 2012) was free of cars and free of charge. That makes for the biggest spectacle since Lindsay Lohan’s repeat engagements at the Beverly Hills courthouse.  Continue reading

CicLAvia Takes on Wilshire

Ciclavia Wilshire 2013 promoThe  seventh CicLAvia to grace Los Angeles turned Wilshire Boulevard from Downtown to Miracle Mile into a street fest to celebrate this historic crosstown corridor. Like the six CicLAvias that preceded it, today we use the occasion to celebrate: not only the city but our identity and our differences. While such qualities are often subsumed behind make, model and color, today we can embrace not what divides us but what unites us. Continue reading

Two Great Bike Events

River Ride 2013 logoComing up in the next two weeks or so are two great bike events: Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s River Ride (June 9th) and CicLAvia‘s foray into the Westside (June 23rd). Each provides the causal rider and the committed wheelman an opportunity to view the city in cross section. Where River Ride is a roll though blue-collar communities and rail yards of the region’s industrial present, CicLAvia Wilshire ride is a trip though the mid-century past. From the blacktop at a slow pace we can find much to appreciate about this city, from hard-edge industry to Deco-era eclecticism. Continue reading

CicLAvia comes to Venice This Sunday!

Ciclavia mapThe now-famous CicLAvia cycling street party is back this year with pair of events that expand its reach westward along two of the city’s greatest corridors: Venice and Wilshire boulevards. Starting with this Sunday, when cyclists and streetscape enthusiasts alike will enjoy free run of Venice between Downtown and the beach. From 10am to 3pm.our most pervasive public space will be returned to two-wheeled travelers and pedestrians and allow us to explore the layered histories in the physical environment that make Los Angeles so unique. We’ll be there and hope to see you there too! Next up in June: Wilshire! Continue reading

CicLAvia a Success!

CicLAvia 2012-10-7 City Hall small

CicLAvia returned to Los Angeles this past Sunday with nine miles of closed city streets and we call it a success! This fifth edition, we feel, was better than earlier iterations despite hand-wringing about jettisoning the Hel-Mel and Hollenbeck Park hubs. The new route clearly tapped new transit opportunities with new hubs on rail lines and, not least, extended the route to the heretofore untapped neighborhoods of Exposition Park and Chinatown. But in past years, the 7th and Spring corridors proved to be the event’s main streets. With a crowd conservatively estimated at 100,000, a river of bikes, skateboards, unicycles and every other means of human-powered conveyance flowed through the center of Downtown to penetrate precincts overdue for a casual … Continue reading

CicLAvia Reaches Out to the City Present, Past and Future

Ciclavia route map for 2012

We previously posted about changes to this Fall’s CicLAvia route, including a new extension into Chinatown and a long spur into South Los Angeles and Exposition Park. Gone is the Eastside’s touchstone, Hollenbeck park, and jettisoned too is ‘Hel-Mel.’ But the new western hub at MacArthur Park does opens it more to Westside & Mid City riders. What do these changes mean for our ride in October, and what can they tell us about the city past, present, and future?

New CicLAvia Route Promises Easier Access for Westsiders

CicLAvia has announced a new route for this coming October’s rolling street party. As detailed in LA.Streetsblog, there are some changes that distinguish the upcoming event from the four already held. Notably there are new departure points at MacArthur Park and Exposition Park that will make it more convenient for riders from the Beverly Hills area to join in. The change represents an ambitious evolution for the city’s premier closed-street block party.

CicLAVia Sunday 4/15 – and Feeder Rides Too!

CicLAVia promo

Join thousands of other cyclists on a ride though the carless center of Los Angeles. CicLAVia is building on three earlier car-free city rides with a 10-mile route with new spurs to El Pueblo and South Los Angeles. Haven’t ridden CicLAVia before? You will enjoy city streets like you’ve never experienced them: as micro-neighborhoods themselves and as kinetic connectors between neighborhoods – “corridors filled with fun!” as CicLAVia organizers say. This year promises to be better than ever.

CicLAvia is a Success!

Where were you this past Sunday? Did you pedal into downtown Los Angeles, where normally traffic-choked streets were closed to cars and trucks to let pedestrians and cyclists roam free? Thousands did an slow-mo eight-mile shimmy from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights that conformed to no known laws of the normally auto-centric universe that is the Los Angeles region. (Read more about CicLAvia.) Call it a holiday from the rules and regulations that govern our streets that comprise so much of our public space. Pedestrians set aside concerns about jaywalking or fears about getting nailed while stepping off the curb. Cyclists looped in the streets like when we were kids, without worrying about two tons of metal bearing down on … Continue reading