Something You Won’t See in Beverly Hills


West Hollywood announced that its employees have raised $42k for AIDS Project Los Angeles. Can you imagine that happening in Beverly Hills? We don’t generally see our workers come together for a good cause, or even to support the city that employees them. Why? Few who work here live here. Fewer than 0.3% of local residents who applied for a city job were hired over the past three years. And policies like ¬†‘flex time,’ 4-day workweeks, and generous vacation time encourage employees to make their home elsewhere. (Have you ever seen a City Hall staffer in a coffee shop or restaurant off-hours? We haven’t.) City workers from Thousand Oaks and Santa Clarita aren’t likely to make the welfare of our city an extra-curricular concern. But it seems different in West Hollywood.

Who Holds Beverly Hills City Hall to Account?

Beverly Hills sealWe’re simply not getting the best from our staff. Anyone who works with City Hall on a regular basis will tell you that. Enthusiasm is low, dedication is scarce, and across departments imagination is practically non-existent. We’re not progressing like other cities: where they integrate new modes of mobility on city streets and make real strides toward sustainability, we only talk the talk. Calls for safer streets are met with an impassive shrug, and why not? Staff can wait us out. Career tenure and generous compensation offer no incentive to work smarter or harder. Where’s the management vision that will take us into the 21st century? Continue reading

Open Letter to BH Traffic and Parking Commission

  • Letter to Traffic and Parking thumbnail To: Bev Hills Traffic & Parking Commission
  • From: Better Bike
  • Re: Total lack of progress

This week we at Better Bike celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Ad-Hoc Bike Plan Update Committee’s formation. Since this committee has met in public only one time and made uncertain progress over the past year on bike-friendly improvements, we think it’s time we dropped in to share our observations and concerns. You can read about it in our open letter to the Traffic & Parking Commission. It meets tomorrow at 9am at Beverly Hills City Hall. Please join us if you want to celebrate. Continue reading

Beverly Hills ‘Salary Scandal’ Hits the Local Papers

BH Courier logoThe two newspapers that cover the Beverly Hills market won’t ever be confused with rough-and-tumble¬† journalism. Equal parts local news, City Hall mouthpiece, society pages, and venue for obligatory publication of official announcements, both the Beverly Hills Courier and the Beverly Hills Weekly seem to hew to a winning formula: offer something for everyone, make no waves, and most important, publish a tangible product and drop it on every doorstep, gratis. When the Courier succeeded in wresting public salary data for municipal employees and published it over two weeks (complete with benefits accorded), there was something of a media scrum as both local papers chimed in on what’s called the ‘salary scandal.’ Continue reading