City Council Recommends Proceeding on Two Pilot Routes [Recap]

Pilot feasibility study map for CrescentBeverly Hills City Council today recommended a limited set of improvements today for two candidate corridors under the city’s Bike Route Pilot Program. Per direction provided to staff, sharrows and signage on Crescent Drive and Burton Way will be installed once implementation particulars are brought back to Council for approval (at some unspecified date). While the recommended measures on two routes are less than cyclists really need, we must note that this is the first time a policy-making body in Beverly Hills actually gave the nod to bike facilities. This could be the beginning of a bike-friendly city network, or a distraction from the real planning we’ve yet to do. Time will tell!  Continue reading

Beverly Hills Attends US Conference of Mayors

US Conference of Mayors logoThe 80th Winter Conference of Mayors just wrapped up in Washington, DC. At this conclave of city leaders (pop. 30,000+), our own Beverly Hills Mayor Barry Brucker sat at the dais, where Mayors from across the country pow wow to try to put urban policy back on the DC radar. Scanty federal appropriations these days means that cities take it on the chin, and the Conference is where elected leaders scheme to hold their own against special interests wooing Congress despite an austerity agenda. Continue reading

Update: Where Things Stand in Beverly Hills

ballot box illustrationBetter Bike over the last week has met with three of our five City Council members (including the Mayor) and touched base with our contacts in Transportation, at the school district, and at Library to assess progress toward a more bike-friendly city. During these dog days of August (and aren’t we grateful it’s not been very doggy?) we can report that progress is not very positive to date, but can turn on a dime with policymaker support. Here’s a rundown of our initiatives and an overview of where we are (or aren’t) starting with the good news. Continue reading