Complete Streets: Time to Get Involved!

City of Beverly Hills is midway through a multi-year planning process called ‘complete streets.’ The goal is to make travel safe and efficient for road users regardless of chosen travel mode. The outcome of this process is a mobility plan that will take our 20th-century auto-dominated community into the 21st century.

‘Complete streets’ is not controversial. State law since 2008 has encouraged localities like Beverly Hills to ensure that key streets include facilities that make traveling safe for people walking and riding a bicycle.

Today the term ‘complete streets’ is used as a handle for a coordinated effort to design and build streets that prioritize user safety and equity-in-access regardless of the traveler’s chosen mode of travel.

Beverly Hills may be a walkable city and it’s convenient to drive and park, but we can’t call our streets ‘complete’ because those who want to ride a bike, use a scooter or take the bus will know the city has failed to accommodate our needs.

However since 2010 our own city plans have recommended that we travel by foot, bike and transit when possible to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Our city council even made complete streets a policy priority back in 2017!

Yet our planning has lagged behind those good intentions. It is essential that we make our streets ‘complete’ if we want to encourage travelers to leave the car behind especially for short trips.

Today we are two years into a complete streets planning process that kicked-off with three transportation consultants and a $200,000 budget in 2017. There have been five community events and numerous Traffic & Parking Commission discussions. Throughout the public has overwhelmingly supported complete streets. The city’s draft complete streets plan is a reflection of the public’s interest in streets made ‘complete’ for all travelers.

It is time for YOU to get involved if you care about streets that are safe for walking, riding and driving in Beverly Hills. Please continue on to our complete streets project page to learn more about the process and how you can make a difference.

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Lend Your Voice to the Beverly Hills Complete Streets Plan

Beverly Hills has embarked on a complete streets plan process. What now? Mobility advocates please lend your voice so that we can create a complete streets plan that is a leading-edge exemplar of multimodal planning. We need your help. We’ve come this far, over too long a time, to simply leave it up to city staff and consultants to shape a draft plan this fall.

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Traffic Citations Reach Record Lows in Beverly Hills in 2016

From 2008 (when the department made data available) though last year, police report that 3,805 people have been injured on city streets in collisions. Most concerning, the data show that the most protected travelers, auto occupants, suffered record-high injuries – so many that it pushed the overall injury totals to record highs too. In this post I crunch police data for citations to show that enforcement of traffic laws has withered on the vine.

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Collision Injuries Reach Record-Highs in Beverly Hills in 2016

The holiday season always makes me mindful of the year drawing to a close. It has produced some noteworthy developments, including the involuntary retirement of incumbent councilmember (and bicycle lanes opponent) Nancy Krasne. And the succeeding multimodal-friendly City Council approved high-visibility bicycle lanes for Santa Monica Boulevard

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Beverly Hills City Council UNANIMOUSLY OKs SM Blvd Bike Lanes

In an incredible turnabout, all five Beverly Hills councilmembers agreed to include bicycle lanes on our segment of Santa Monica Boulevard. The unanimous vote demolished the specious claims put forth by NIMBY opponents. And it recognized the solid arguments brought forth by forty speakers and scores more comments: bicycle lanes not only make riders feel safe, they actually make us more safe!

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Back on the Priority List: The Beverly Hills Bike Plan!

Among the ignominious developments over the last year in Beverly Hills, surely the one of greatest interest to bicycle riders was City Council’s decision not to include a bicycle lane on Santa Monica Boulevard. But on its heels came another decision: to step away entirely from an update to our 1977 Bicycle Master Plan. But we called it out!

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