Bicycling & The Law – Review

Attorney Bob Mionske offers a broad but detailed overview of cyclists’ rights and responsibilities in Bicycling & The Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist (2007). This is an essential read for any road user interested in a legal perspective on our rights and responsibilities, but it is also the historical perspective – the evolution of the law – that might surprise some cyclists. We cyclists may take for granted our right to ride, but that right is expressed nowhere in our nation’s founding documents because Constitutional framers did not explicitly accord the right to free movement.

Handy Parking Guidelines

American Association of Pedestrian and Bike Professinoals parking guidelines

Rick Risemberg from Bicycle Fixation passed on a like to a very informative bike rack installation guidelines [PDF] publication from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP). The guidelines show why most ‘wheel bender’ type bike racks are so inadequate to the task – as if cyclists didn’t already know: they are flimsy, often insecure, and, well, they bend front wheels. More than an instruction sheet, these guidelines are food for thought for cycling advocates, planners, transportation engineers, and facilities planners, all of whom may play some role in providing that most basic of bicycle amenity: a hitching post for the ride.