‘Police and Community Together.’ At the Coffee Shop!

BHPD logoPerhaps nowhere is it better to be a cop than here in Beverly Hills. With compensation packages for officers reaching $200k annually (plus a generous pension), easy shifts and a comfortable retirement, can it get any better than rolling the beat then finding yourself in a cozy booth at a local South Beverly Drive restaurant for a break? ‘Police and Community Together.’ That’s their motto!

This is all good. Our officers’ enthusiasm for java means that there’s often an officer nearby when you need one. Nearby as in within arm’s reach. As we found this morning (December 14, 2015) on South Beverly Drive. Heck, it seemed like we could hardly avoid an officer!

Police enjoying Urth coffee
By 7:30 am a pair of traffic cops had already found their table at Urth Cafe.
Police enjoying a coffee at Brooklyn Bagels
And just across the street at Brooklyn bagels, another clutch of three officers were enjoying the coffee there too.

And then just a few minutes later, we saw yet another Beverly Hills finest stop in at Peets for a coffee to go. By 8:30 those first Urth regulars were departing; but they paused for a moment to chat with two incoming officers also looking for quality coffee and delicious baked goods. And they too found it at Urth! Nice work if you can get it.

Sunday December 13, 2015 4pm

Police enjoying an afternoon break at Urth Cafe
Urth cafe is not just for breakfast. As the clouds rolled in, Beverly Hills’s finest stopped in for a bite to eat between afternoon radio calls, presumably.

Friday December 11, 2015 8:30am

Police enjoying a coffee at Peets
Who can argue with the appeal of Peets? More precisely, who can argue with a couple of bike cops who take a fancy to the place? Yes, not infrequently do we come across a table (even two) of Beverly Hills’s finest taking a break from the hard streets at Peets (even the detectives). Need to report a crime? Don’t dial 911! Just drop into Peets!

What could feel more secure than having a few BHPD officers sitting right at the next table? Imagine it: a one second police response time! At least that’s the situation often on South Beverly Drive where the finest of Beverly Hills make a frequent appearance. We’ll be checking in on these thirsty officers from time to time to let you know which establishments they’re favoring at the moment. That’s a review more reliable than Yelp! Have you seen a BHPD coffee break in your Beverly Hills neighborhood? Got an image to share? Let us know!

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