LACBC Supports Us, Let’s Support It

LACBC logoLos Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) has consistently supported our efforts to secure a bicycle lane for Santa Monica Boulevard. Policy Director Eric Bruins not only attended the meetings but also corresponded with the Blue-Ribbon Committee. Indeed the institutional heft behind this campaign for class II bicycle lanes has been a crucial factor in our success to date.

Now LACBC follows up with a fact sheet sent to City Council on the eve of Tuesday’s important vote to decide the corridor’s conceptual design. The fact sheet suggests the reasoning behind its support for bicycle lanes: they will improve traffic flow, which was a stated top-priority for the committee; lanes will make the route safer for people either driving or biking, which is the priority of proponents; and bicycle lanes will make traversing this regional artery more comfortable for anyone on wheels.

The fact sheet follows up on our own bakers-dozen of good reasons to include bicycle lanes on North Santa Monica Boulevard, as well our second dozen reasons – making 25 good reasons in total. And there are many more, not least that we don’t want tomorrow’s Santa Monica Boulevard to be the auto-dominated corridor we have today (as we told Council in our letter). We must adopt a ‘complete streets’ approach in order to facilitate safe mobility regardless of mode of travel. Our own Beverly Hills Sustainable City Plan says so!

The Coalition has been there for us throughout this campaign, and it will be there for our continuing efforts to create a citywide bicycle route network for Beverly Hills. So let’s be there for them. The rewards of membership are substantial. Your supporting contribution will further the mission.