Beverly Hills Invites Your Feedback. Make it Useful!

Interested to comment on the Santa Monica Boulevard reconstruction project? If you’ve attended a community meeting or read the comments on a draft environmental document, you’ll know that off-topic, irrelevant and meandering opinions add unnecessary chaff to the wheat. Decision-makers have to sift through enough official information as it is. So present your feedback in a form that is useful. Here we provide some tips.

First Get Your Bearings

A bit of preparation will help shape your overall approach as well as sharpen your substantive points. To provide the most useful feedback we recommend that you:

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the project particulars, submit your comments on the Santa Monica Boulevard reconstruction design options or mitigation concerns to the Blue-Ribbon Committee members. And of course the City Council will welcome your more general concerns about the project too.

Provide Focused Input

In general, decision-makers appreciate focused comments. Do the work for your reader: keep comments on-topic and well-organized. (Bullet points help!) Succinct thoughts and memorable observations are more likely to be brought into the discussion than points buried in a treatise.

  • Make your comments relevant. Speak only to aspects of the project that are in the decision-makers’ wheelhouse. There’s no need to advise on issues beyond the scope of the project. “More frequent bus service” will not meaningfully help them because they don’t make transit service decisions.
  • Highlight your experience or expertise. Are you speaking from a professional perspective? Let the decision-makers know because they value expertise. But you need not be a transportation planner or engineer to offer valuable insight. Talk about your experience on this corridor and enumerate specific measures that could make it better.
  • Use visual aids or diagrams to make your point. The committee is asked to make design recommendations; this is not an environmental review process. So feel free to depart from textual comments with drawings or representative illustrations.
  • Direct your comments to a specific committee member (if you like). We’re appointed to bring a variety of perspectives to our committee recommendations. If you feel a rapport with a committee member or want to take issue with a point made, indicate the recipient in your correspondence.
  • Use whichever channel you like. Send an email directly to the committee or use the comments webform on the project website. Or send a snail mail letter or packet; it will make it to the committee.
  • Plan ahead. Send your comments early!
  • Contact city staff by email or by phone (310-285-1128) with specific questions about the project.

We on the blue-ribbon committee look forward to hearing from you!