Putting a Price on Cycling’s Renaissance

Bike parking sign in Long Island CityNew York City today is witnessing a long-awaited bicycle renaissance! Spurred on by innovations in traffic management like segregated bicycle lanes and new policies to promote cycling under Mayor Bloomberg’s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Kahn, everyone wants to bike. Don’t own one? Grab a bike at one of the many new  Citi-branded new bike share kiosks.

From hipster enclaves to the far reaches of the boroughs, it seems the bicycle is the new way to get around New York. But the newfound popularity comes with a price. You can forget free parking for bicycles. Today cyclist view for that that most precious of Big Apple commodities: an off-street place to park. Here in Manhattan-proximate Long Island City you’ll pay $6 to lash a bicycle to a post behind a fence – fully 80% of the cost to park a car for the day in this joint!