No Suspect in BH Attempted Murder

Road rage video #2 April 3rd.Six Weeks after a motorist attempted to kill a cyclist in a Beverly Hills alley, “the public leads have dried up,” BHPD Lt. Hoshimo told us today. Aside from a second video and even a third (all posted on the BHPD vimeo page)  there are no further developments. “It’s still under investigation,” he said. Seen the car? Know of a “male/Middle Eastern or White, mid 30’s with dark hair and dark eyes with a thin build” behind the wheel?

Road rage video #2Now, we’re no investigators, but if this guy was driving through Beverly Hills on Wednesday about 5 pm, chances are he works or commutes through here. And several modestly distinctive aspects of the car do stand out. Described by the BHPD as a 2008 white BMW 328i, to our eyes it looks just like a 2013 model (below). And that looks like a temp registration paper in the passenger-side windshield. Maybe this car has been recently registered.

BMW 328 2013 model yearSecond, how many BMWs registered here are white? How many of them are purchased without the optional moonroof? Then there’s the somewhat generic black-rimmed license plate frame. It looks empty, like it’s awaiting an actual plate. Maybe it is a new car. And last, there is a white object in front of the driver on the dashboard. Could that be an EZ pass for the toll lanes?

Unfortunately, the police waited three weeks to broadcast their alert, meaning that witnesses who might remember details about the car or driver from the original altercation that prompted this assault have gone untapped – and those potential leads gone cold, as Lt. Lincoln Hoshino said. Did anything here jog the memory? Give Det. Eric Hyon at the BHPD a call at 310-285-2156.