Beverly Hills Chamber’s ‘Beverly Hills Tomorrow’ Forum

Got $200 burning a hole in your pocket? Do you share the Beverly Hills Chamber’s “passion for innovation and inspiration”? Would you like to learn the Chamber’s vision of the future? On April 9th you can join the Chamber for ‘Beverly Hills Tomorrow,‘ a new annual event where we can hobnob with “futurists, visionaries and progressive thinkers” from industry,” according to Chamber Executive Director Alexander Stettinski. We think that we don’t the Chamber’s future forum or its glitzy ‘Experience Bouchon‘ (benefiting a high-profile restaurant that enjoys a reduced rent courtesy of taxpayers). We do need the Chamber on board with a forward-thinking mobility policy, however, but the Chamber hasn’t been responsive. Looks like Beverly Hills tomorrow will look much like Beverly Hills looks today – only more congested. So save that $200 and buy a used bike to avoid it.