Rage at the Man is no Reason to Bully Cyclists

Christopher Dorner, the rampaging ex-officer, carries a big chip on his shoulder. Wronged by the LAPD and even his grade-school principal, he’s taken to killing in order to advance his vision for LAPD reform, he says. Nothing focuses the collective mind on policy reforms as does death, according to his manifesto.

Seemingly this manifesto touches on everything from Al Qaeda to World War Z (and even includes a healthy dose of pop culture too). Perhaps, then, it’s not surprising to find this shout-out to cyclists, with whom he must share the road:

Cyclist, I have no problem sharing the road with you. But, at least go the fucking speed limit posted or get off the road!!! That is a feasible request.

Well, ordinarily we’d have to quibble, Mr. Dormer. Under California law, we remind you, it’s perfectly legal for cyclists riding well under the speed limit to share the road – and even to take the entire right travel lane if it’s not wide enough to share. But as you’re still on the loose we’ll hold our tongue. Not just because the guy with the gun always gets the last word. But also because it’s a matter of respect to those who have suffered grievous harm.

But your misconception about the rightful presence of cyclists needs reconsideration. It is too commonly shared by the motoring public at large, who hasten to honk and intimidate when we’re riding just a few feet ahead of, say, a two-ton SUV. And please put the guns away.

In your remaining fugitive days, reconsider your anti-cyclist viewpoint. And remember: always slow when passing cyclists and always give us a sufficiently wide berth because safety comes first on our nation’s roadways.