Back in the Saddle…

Better Bike logoIt’s been too long since Better Bike has posted. Despite glacial progress across the past three years during which we’ve pestered City Hall about road safety for cyclists, we’ve recently heard the claim in Council chambers, “Beverly Hills is a bike-friendly city.” Nothing could be further from the truth: cyclists are left on our own to fend without road safety improvements. It not only rings hollow, it reeks of hypocrisy. In a fit of cynicism, we simply took the winter off, waiting on the city’s new bike racks (none has appeared to date).

Back in the fall, City Council offered tepid support for a too-brief menu of bike-friendly improvements: approving just two of five possible bike route alignments, Council ducked the routes most used by cyclists today. And on those three routes, it chose the least-impact improvements. The Pilot program as approved won’t make a hill of beans of difference to cyclists in Beverly Hills.

Over the past few years, in fact, we haven’t an inkling of any specific vision for a bike-friendly city from our own transportation planning professionals, the folks we charge with facilitating circulation and keeping our streets safe. For that matter, the current City Council simply hasn’t recognized a responsibility to provide for safe travel for all road users. It’s still a motorists’ town with all of the hazards and parking operations deficit spending that implies.

As we look forward, we welcome your suggestions and involvement. A better, safer Beverly Hills can’t happen without you.