CicLAVia Sunday 4/15 – and Feeder Rides Too!

CicLAVia promoJoin thousands of other cyclists on a ride though the carless center of Los Angeles. CicLAVia is building on three earlier car-free city rides with a 10-mile route with new spurs to El Pueblo and South Los Angeles. Haven’t ridden CicLAVia before? You will enjoy city streets like you’ve never experienced them: as micro-neighborhoods themselves and as kinetic connectors between neighborhoods – “corridors filled with fun!” as CicLAVia organizers say. This year promises to be better than ever.

CicLAVia route mapCicLAVia will ride on Sunday, April 15th from 10am-3pm in and around Downtown Los Angeles. Inspired by ciclovía, the weekly street closure event in Bogotá, Colombia, our CicLAvia is more than merely closing streets to cars; it’s an opening of Los Angeles streets to all Angelenos. With more route mileage and new areas of the city opened to this grand bike parade, this year in particular is an event not to be missed. Download the map as a PDF.

This marks the fourth iteration of this great Sunday Event.  As always, it is free to the public (heck, it’s for the public) and is guaranteed to make you see our region in a new light. Not from the windshield of a passing car but up close & personal.

Metro to CicLAVia

CicLAVia-Metro-stationsIf you go by car, arrive early. Better to ride from the Westside or let Metro get you there safely. Take the subway at Wilshire & Western (be warned: bus bike carriers carry only two bikes at a time so you may want to ride there) to the heart of the action at Westlake-Alvarado-MacArthur Park – one block is the 7th Street route – or continue on to 7th & Figueroa in Downtown.

Feeder Rides

And best is to enjoy one of the ‘feeder’ rides! Here on the Westside, We hear that Santa Monica Spoke will also be riding to CicLAVia so check with them. From Media Park in Culver City (9070 Venice Blvd) Taco Tuesday Bicycle Club will meet at 9:30am and ride at 10am. For more info, go to Midnight Ridazz Event Page. Last year, several feeder rides came right though Beverly Hills.

This year again, Better Bike will be manning an Earth Day Farmers Market booth, but do let us know if you’d like to organize a ride from the Market. (We’d join in if we weren’t working the table to bring new folks to the safe streets campaign.)

More on Ciclovías

Ciclavia logoCiclovías started as a civic response to the congestion and pollution of city street in Bogotá, Colombia, where motoring rules and (like here) the rule of law is hardly any protection for those who would walk or ride in the streets, our most ubiquitous and democratic public space. People there closed the streets to traffic for a giant block party. That was thirty years ago. Today we’re seeing these Ciclovías throughout the United States too. Here in Los Angeles it’s called CicLAvia. Get it?