Support the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

LACBCLos Angeles County Bicycle Coalition does more than any other nonprofit to create healthy communities safe for cycling across the 88 cities of Los Angeles County. Founded in 1998 to organize recreation, utility, and sport riders, LACBC advocates for bike lanes and safety-related facilities and through its City of Lights campaign recognizes the particular needs of low-income riders. It supports high-profile events like this month’s Tour de Taste and June’s River Ride. If you ride LA County streets you benefit from LACBC’s work. Have you supported them with a membership this year?

Better Bike could not do the work that we do in Beverly Hills if not for the support of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. If we have a question about state law or local bike plans we call LACBC and they respond. If we need to reach out to small businesses, they have outreach materials handy. If we need facts and figures they’re available because LACBC convenes a small army of volunteers for an annual bike count.

LACBC missionUnder executive director Jen Klausner, planning & policy director Alexis Lantz, membership coordinator Carol Feucht, events director JJ Hoffman (and a board of bike advocates), the LACBC keeps alive the cyclists’ agenda while a legion of highly-paid auto industry lobbyists work the halls of Sacramento and DC for profit, trying to turn even more asphalt over to motorists and ginning up new tax breaks to benefit big oil and Detroit.

Why not take a minute and acknowledge their good work by re-upping your membership? In our era of $100 cable bills, their standard one-year $35 annual membership is a bargain. You’ll get 15% off at participating businesses and discounts on rides and special events.

LACBC member benefitsAnd listen up motorists: if you already pay $50 (or much more) annually to the Auto Club of Southern California, know that your dollars often work against the interests of cyclists in Sacramento. Ease your conscience by joining and put a few bucks extra into the LACBC tip jar.

They not only talk the bike advocacy talk, LACBC staffers walk the walk too. You’ll see them roll up to their threadbare Downtown Los Angeles HQ on battle-hardened rides with chunky locks and scratched-up helmets in tow. Drop in on their Spring Street office witness how the hard work of advocacy depends on old phones and hand-me-down Dells sitting atop castoff metal desks fresh from a city surplus property auction.

You will find no slick office pods and pool tables (like at the Beverly Hills home of Google) because at LACBC it’s all business. On the weekends, too, you’ll likely find staffers and board members leading local rides, raising money via signature events like June’s River Ride, or otherwise lending a helping to organizations like Better Bike, which does some local advocacy lifting. (As an affiliate we receive a small fraction of your membership.)

LACBC deserves our support not only because they work for us on a shoestring, but because they keep the bike advocacy ball rolling while we turn to our jobs or browse YouTube. Without their work, we would have no idea how many people are actually riding our boulevards. (Federal figures are rough approximations while LACBC counts actual heads.) If not for the work of the LACBC, we wouldn’t know how quickly mode choice is turning to bicycles.

Help LACBC level a playing field that too long advantaged motorists. Won’t you take a minute to join and help these folks move the advocacy ball forward? Pay via the sign-up form on the site or download the membership form and mail it in. Be sure to let ‘em know that you’re with Better Bike!