Peets Bike Corral in Santa Monica: An Example to Follow

Peets bike rack corralGosh we wish we had a rack corral at our Peets Coffee on South Beverly. There’s not a single bike rack anywhere south of Wilshire, and boy could we use one: every day there are bikes locked up to meters outside the shop. And now there’s a good example to follow: Peets in Santa Monica has their own bike rack corral courtesy of the city!

The grand opening & ribbon cutting is Saturday, March 24th at 11am (tomorrow), so we’re a little late to inviting you to the party (just found out ourselves). We’ll likely drop by to see what the fuss is about, and then look forward to the day when our Mayor, like Santa Monica’s Mayor Bloom, the guy that’s championing a Westside bikeshare, actually stands over a bike rack with ribbon-cutting scissors!

LACBC affiliate Santa Monica Spoke will be there as a sponsor and as the city’s in-house advocacy organization. From their post:

You are cordially invited to the Grand Unofficial opening of Santa Monica’s first on-street bike corrals. So, join in on Saturday morning at the bike corrals between 11 and 12 for coffee, muffins, balloons, music, ribbon cutting, speeches, politicians, drum rolls, bike type activities, media coverage, lights, cameras. And more. Much more! It’s a party! Be there. Santa Monica Spoke, a sponsor of the Opening will lead a group bike ride from the Bike Center [1555 2nd St.] at 10:30am.