Dennis Romero

Leave it to the LA Weekly to glance at the new Los Angeles anti-harassment law, the one that for the first time offers civil recourse to cycling victims of motorist violence, and see only legal action. Read the piece and have a look at my reply to ‘Crazytown’ blogger Dennis Romero:

No road user is served by the crappy column you dished up for the Weekly about LA’s new anti-harassment law. Not the cyclists who fall regularly to motorists on our streets and daily must dodge aggressive drivers.  Not pedestrians who must skitter because motorists fail to slow down on our auto sluiceways. And certainly not motorists themselves, who until this anti-harassment law had little incentive to be attentive and respectful.
As a cyclist AND a motorist, I know that anything we can do to cause road users to take the aggression down a notch is positive because it will make my own car travel more enjoyable. It will also lower my insurance premiums over the long run.
Since there has been plenty of rational commentary on the new law to inform the unenlightened, there is no excuse for thrusting intentionally provocative crud into the debate. It serves nobody.