Subway to Sea: 50 Years of Rail Planning

Metro backbone route map 1961The ‘Subway to the Sea’ promises to bring a station right to the heart of Beverly Hills at Wilshire & Beverly. That would be the first time since our burgh has been served by rail since the early 1950s.

In fact, following the dismantling of the Pacific Electric light rail line that coursed through our city (stopping near the old post office) a succession of regional transit agencies (antecedents of Metro) have envisioned passenger travel both below and above Wilshire. In the case of helicopter-lifted buses, far above Wilshire!

Metro archive’s Primary Sources blog covers the metaphorical terrain in  50 Years of Rail Planning with very interesting backstory on the political and practical struggles to bring a grand rail plan back from the dead.  One has to wonder whether rail will ever again come to Beverly Hills given the failure of so many grand plans….