Comfortable Cycling = More Cycling

Jody brooks on a rideJody Brooks over at Planbike blog is a prolific poster with a wide-ranging perspective on all things cycling. Recently Jody made the trek from the Bay Area to join our CicLAvia event last weekend. CicLAvia has gotten a good bit of media attention – and not least because it’s an unlikely cycling-oriented event in the unofficial capital of car culture. Jody brought a different perspective to coverage of CicLAvia: that of an Angeleno expatriate long-steeped in Bay Area progressive transportation policies (and culture) who returns to our region by air with bike in tow.

Forgoing the car rental, Jody takes to mass transit to get around and finds both challenges and liberation in getting around Los Angeles by hook and crook, as it were. Which brings me to the key point here: cycling will make greater inroads among the public when we make it not only safe but inviting. When we encourage it by providing mass transit alternatives to driving, and make bringing the bike on board not an ordeal but business as usual.┬áIt’s worth a read to see how Jody fared.

Transportation is one thing; personal safety and comfort another. Planbike in a series of posts has covered various aspects of cycling that we take for granted, but that make a big difference when we are on the road. Lighting, clothing, weather protection, bike security (inclusive of lockers and bike valets), and yes, fashion, each have an impact not just on how we ride, but whether we choose to ride. Have a look at Planbike. Jody is going a great service by advancing the mission of making cycling efficient, safe, and of course fun, while plowing ahead on the big problems exacerbated by auto-centric societies.