The Glendale Bike/Ped Count

Bike Count FormBetter Bike volunteered today for the Glendale Bicycle and Pedestrian Count 2010 – a heavy-lift event to count all of the folks NOT in cars (for a change) to understand how people across the city choose to travel. This was a well-organized event (online signup, numerous reminders, good instructions) that put volunteers singly or in teams of two at key intersections. Armed only with a clipboard, a count sheet, and a timer (right), our partner Calrence (in lawn chair, below) and spent a couple of hours keeping tracks of the hundreds (!) of high schoolers pouring out of Glendale HS at Harvard and Verdugo.
I volunteered because I like to support bike planning wherever it happens, and because I instantly recognized something that will be of value to Better Bike BH. (Read more on the new toolbox page.) And sure enough I got my feet wet enough to be ready to set us up in Beverly Hills for our city’s first ever pedestrian and bike count. Are you ready to volunteer?