Highlights from our 9/19 Better Bike Meeting

Better Bike BB shieldSunday we held our third meeting. We talked quite a bit about how to reach the city folks about taking our ideas forward concerning bike lanes on SM Blvd. It seems like a two-prong strategy might be appropriate: continue to refine our SM Blvd. ideas while advocating for doable improvements like racks and so forth are not so high profile.

Better Bike's 3rd meetingA first step could be to identify bike routes that connect to the schools – a local streets network for which we can advocate. Some members had mentioned an evening meeting, and tasking specific facilities or program improvements (e.g., Safe Routes to School or bike racks) might be the appropriate place to narrow down a to-do list.

As for SM Blvd, we came up with a key advance this meeting: to propose integrating the north end of the Golden Triangle into the SM Blvd. corridor by possibly splitting up the East/West bike lanes to place the eastbound one on Little Santa Monica. It’s not ideal – class II bike lanes both ways on SM Blvd. would be ideal – but it does acknowledge the city’s interest in a single lane on SM Blvd. And it does accomplish an ancillary goal of integrating cycling into the fabric of our streets (beyond SM).

Better Bike's 3rd meetingWe decided we would continue to refine the proposal. We’ll post renderings of some identified bike lane options for SM Blvd. and work from there.

Next Sunday we will continue the strategy discussion we started last week; follow up on the school routes and try to identify school board contacts; and refine the Golden Triangle proposal. I’ve circulated a goals document to get that discussion going and to suggest the opportunities we may be able to move on more quickly. Thanks everyone for making time on Sunday.