Better Bike BH Attends Metro Roundtable

Metro Roundtable Sept. 22, 2010Better Bike BH represented the City of Beverly Hills at Metro’s Bike Roundtable Planning subcommittee on Thursday, September 22nd. This roundtable of bike advocates and activists from cities around the Southland offers the regional transportation agency guidance as it undertakes long-range transit planning. On this evening’s agenda was the update to the 2006 Bicycle Transportation Strategic Plan, which is the guiding policy document that establishes goals for the agency’s bicycle program and identifies priorities. It is a credit to the agency that it is updating the strategic plan now even if funding is not currently available.

Metro station hubs  map
Metro's station hubs - each planned to include bike facilities.

Cyclists can expect some big things down the pike – not least a real, honest-to-goodness bike hub at our coming Wilshire/Rodeo subway stop (see the bike station hub map detail at left). Or are we counting chickens that may not hatch?

The agency has traditionally been slow to recognize the value of pedestrians and cyclists when planning to move people. But prodded by transit and bike activists over the past decade, the agency has made progress in accommodating bicycles on buses and rail.

Officials leading the planning subcommittee indicated in no uncertain terms that bike planning is now on the political fast track. Multiple initiatives are underway at Metro to establish cycling as perhaps the mode of travel with the most potential to reduce greenhouse gases and get folks out of the car.

Metro transit hub presentation descriptionMetro for example has identified 167 ‘bicycle hubs’ at key transit junctures and officials seem earnest about establishing good standards for transit-oriented developments. And they are doing this with cyclists’ help.

So it’s critical that Beverly Hills is at the table. Better Bike BH showed not because city officials couldn’t make the planning subcommittee meeting; we were there because our city never shows up. Roundtable participants acknowledged with applause, as a leap forward, our unofficial representation of our (not always) fair city.