Metro I-405 8/15 Meeting Recap

Metro I-405 community meeting panorama

Pity the poor motorist. At the Westwood Recreation Center tonight, we learned that the eastbound Wilshire on-ramp to the northbound I-405 would close for (count ’em!)¬†90 days. For 405-proximate residents west of UCLA there was plenty of pain too. They learned that the convenient Montana ramps would go away forever. What of our fate, dear cyclists? Metro had little to offer us too.

Traffic & Parking Recommends a Few Bike Racks [Recap]

The Beverly Hills Traffic & Parking Commission met this week to further consider a long-continued bicycle rack agenda item. In brief, the city is entertaining a bike parking program that could include city-initiated bicycle rack installations and a bicycle rack-on-request program. It can’t come too soon: local businesses owners have asked for them; cyclists beg for them; and every city but ours is already installing them. For the past year, though, Public Works has only talked and it has been years since any bicycle rack in our city has hit a sidewalk. We’re curious to know the progress that’s been made and eager to learn when we might see a new bicycle rack touch ground.

Council-Interruptus at Today’s Study Session Meeting [Recap]

2012 New Mayor Installation

On today’s Beverly Hills City Council study session (2:30 p.m.) agenda was item #5: Review Proposed Pilot Bicycle Routes. In many other cities, that could suggest another step in bike improvements implementation. In Beverly Hills, it barely scratches the surface of bike planning. Indeed it is the first time that City Council has substantively discussed improvements in open session, and we were very interested to know where the Council would come down on the agendized proposal as well as bike planning in general.

Beverly Hills Bike Route Pilot Outreach Meeting #2

Sarah Brandenburg at the Pilot outreach meeting 2012-4-25

The Beverly Hills Bike Route Pilot program was rolled out for public comment in the second of three outreach meetings at Public Works today. This is the program to select among five bike routes for suitable cycling-friendly improvements. Like the last meeting, planner Martha Eros gave an overview; consultant Sarah Brandenburg (right) presented feasibility study findings, and a few folks took turns at the microphone for 3-minute comments. Here’s the recap. Next up: the final outreach meeting before Traffic & Parking commission on May 9th where commissioners will discuss appropriate improvements.

Traffic & Parking Commission Regular Meeting

Garage commemorative plaque

Better Bike dropped in on the Traffic & Parking Commission last week for an update on how the city will promote the upcoming¬†Bike Routes Pilot meetings this month (meeting first next Wednesday and then on April 25th). While we couldn’t stay long enough for the bike update (often it’s pushed to the end of the meeting) we did learn a thing or two about bike collisions: four bicycle injury collisions have been reported in January, with four more following in February, according to Commission Chair Julie Steinberg. That’s too much for our comfort.