One Month Later, Nothing from BHPD or T&P Commission on Attempted Murder on 4/3

Remember the attempted murder & hit-and-run on a cyclist in Beverly Hills back on April 3rd? You’d think a crime like that would garner significant media attention seeing as it was captured by CCTV video. That it would generate concern among commissioners on the Traffic and Parking Commission. That the body receiving a standing monthly police report on collisions and citations would bother to ask.  Today we tuned into the live commission broadcast to learn that commissioners wouldn’t be wrestling with this threat to public safety because they had other pressing business. Like the assault never happened.

Driving While Distracted: The Latter-Day DUI?

The US Transportation Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued guidelines concerning electronic devices [pdf] to car manufacturers in order to minimize the use of attention-sapping gadgets and other in-cabin causes of motorist distraction. Backed by a new study (and data helpfully packaged as an inaugural Safety in Numbers newsletter), the guidelines are voluntary but nevertheless mark another step by DOT Secretary Ray LaHood to increase road safety on US roadways.

Car Sales Continue to Decline in Europe


Incredibly, enthusiasm for the automobile continues to wane across Europe. For the 18th consecutive month, new car sales have declined, according to March new-car registrations. Sure, the macroeconomic picture isn’t pretty: unemployment is up across the Euro zone and renewed political turmoil over Cyprus didn’t help. But even Western Europe marked a first quarter drop of 10% over last year. In Germany, the financial anchor of Europe, new registrations plunged 17%. Has Europe lost its appetite for motoring, or simply that new car smell?