California’s Vulnerable Road Users Protection Act


California Bicycle Coalition is spearheading the Vulnerable Road Users Protection Act (AB 2398) in California. The bill would put real sanctions to negligent road behavior. How necessary is this new protection for those who bike, walk, run or skateboard our streets?  Bike safety advocate Ted Rogers says that vehicular homicide is the only form of murder for which perpetrators are regularly excused. We agree: support Calbike’s push for AB 2398 today!

Visit Us at Beverly Hills’s Earth Day


Better Bike will have a booth at the farmers market in Beverly Hills to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 13, 2014. From 9 am-1 we will be promoting our city’s multimodal mobility policies as expressed in our own plans. Find us on the 9300 block of Civic Center Drive. Come by and chat!

LACBC Supports Us, Let’s Support It

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) has consistently supported our efforts to secure a bicycle lane for Santa Monica Boulevard. Policy Director Eric Bruins not only attended the meetings but also corresponded with the Blue-Ribbon Committee. Indeed the institutional heft behind this campaign for class II bicycle lanes has been a crucial factor in our success to date. Now LACBC follows up with a fact sheet sent to City Council on the eve of Tuesday’s important vote to decide the corridor’s conceptual design. The fact sheet suggests the reasoning behind its support for bicycle lanes: they will improve traffic flow, which was a stated top-priority for the committee; lanes will make the route safer for people either driving or biking, … Continue reading

Another Close Call in Beverly Hills Crosswalks


Beverly Hills crosswalks can be most dangerous to cross. Some drivers choose not to follow the law; others purposefully intimidate. Then some blithely run the red, and we’ve had enough. Today we were nearly struck by a  Wilshire red-light-runner who entered the crosswalk 3 secs after the white hand. It’s time to hold to account our policymakers who simply turn a blind eye.